Advice from the RSPCA on Dog Walking during Covid-19

Dog walking Guidance has been produced on this, see the link and we would strongly urge you to share this widely so that dog owners and all dog walkers (whether professional or not) are aware of it.¬† It sets out sensible measures to ensure dogs can still be exercised with precautions taken for themContinue reading “Advice from the RSPCA on Dog Walking during Covid-19”

Stay Active with the home based programme from the Reach for Healt Centre, Daventry

The Reach for Health Centre, based in Daventry, are a charity dedicated to physical and mental health rehabilitation.  As with many organisations the charity has had to close its doors to the hundreds of people who otherwise would regularly attend the centre. The coaching team were determined to find ways to continue offering their supportContinue reading “Stay Active with the home based programme from the Reach for Healt Centre, Daventry”

Coronavirus support from Daventry District Council

Daventry District Council is working with a range of partner organisations to co-ordinate local efforts to get people the help they need during the coronavirus pandemic. To find out more visit: and also:

Your NEW community Support

HAVE YOU BEEN ADVISED TO SELF-ISOLATE & ARE ELDERLY, VULNERABLE OR HAVE A SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITION? WE CAN HELP WITH: SHOPPING PRESCRIPION COLLECTION COMPANIONSHIP E.G. TELEPHONE CALLS POSTING LETTERS We have formed with the aims to support the residents of the parish of Woodford Halse, Daventry, Northamptonshire¬†to maintain a good quality of life and remain independentContinue reading “Your NEW community Support”