Stay Active with the home based programme from the Reach for Healt Centre, Daventry

The Reach for Health Centre, based in Daventry, are a charity dedicated to physical and mental health rehabilitation.  As with many organisations the charity has had to close its doors to the hundreds of people who otherwise would regularly attend the centre. The coaching team were determined to find ways to continue offering their support and providing a public service during this uncertain time. Covid-19 Reach for Help is an initiative they have formed which provides two services; Stay Active Programmes and a Tele-health Helpline.The Stay Active programmes are examples of home-based exercises, designed by the Centre’s coaching team. There are 12 programmes available and all 12 contain a seated and standing option, the aim being to help improve the physical and mental health of those who need to maintain a level of exercise due to short or long-term illness or those particularly vulnerable.Through the partnership between The Reach for Health Centre and the University of Northampton, a Tele-Health Helpline has been established. This service is being led by the Occupational Therapy Department at UON with help from volunteers from The Reach for Health centre.  There is a menu of options designed to offer help and support the wellbeing of those in need. Many may experience social isolation or difficulty adjusting to the new guidelines set by the government and this service will hopefully help to relieve these issues.For more information, please visit our website at and then select the ‘Covid-19 Reach for Help’ tab.The Tele-Health Helpline number is 01327 828260 (calls will be charged at local call rates)

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